Word Search Puzzles

For Crystalens and Trulign Toric IOL Patients

We have developed a series of word search puzzles for those who have had the Crystalens or Trulign Toric IOL intraocular lens implanted after cataract surgery.  As you know, these lens implants allow you to see distance and intermediate-to-near.  In order to maximize the use of your implants, you should train your eyes to focus at near without reading glasses or bifocals soon after surgery.  These word search “exercises” will help you realize your near/intermediate vision potential.  

The program consists of a series of word finds that have smaller and smaller font sizes.  Each week, do the word finds for the given font size.  By Week 6, hopefully, you can find the words in the 4-point font puzzles without using any glasses.  Do not get frustrated if you cannot do the puzzles in the later weeks.  The font sizes are extremely small and resemble that of the telephone book.

Anyone is welcome to download and print these word search puzzles for fun.  Each puzzle is a two-page, downloadable PDF file.  The first page is the actual word find and the second page contains the answers.

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