A comprehensive eye examination takes approximately one hour. It typically includes dilating the pupils which allow the doctor to see fully into the back of the eye. Dilating drops may cause temporary blurred vision and light sensitivity which may impact driving. You may wish to make other driving arrangements and to bring sunglasses with you.

For your visit with us please bring the following:

    • Glasses that provide you your best vision, whether or not you wear them.
    • Completed Patient Information and Medical History forms that we will send to you prior to your visit. You can also download them from our New Patient Forms section. Please bring the forms with you; do not mail them to us.
    • Bring all contact lens records you have or may obtain.
    • Please bring in all of your current medical and vision insurance cards.

If you need new lenses for your glasses or new contacts, you will be given a prescription, which we are happy to fill for you in our Optical Shop or you may do so at the optical of your choice. Refraction is a non-covered service under Medicare and, therefore, carries a separate charge, payable by the patient on the day of your examination.